About me

-Maria Pirogova-

I am an artist and illustrator who lives in Assisi in Italy, passionate about nature, travel and fashion.

The work I do is done in a variety of techniques both manual and digital. I love designs created with different software, but when I'm in the mood to create a work that reflects myself and the world around me I pick up watercolours, acrylics, tempera, pastels or any other type of material I have available.

I consider painting the best way of expression, which has the unique and inimitable characteristic of giving humor, giving emotions and energy.

My vision and artistic perception have been strongly influenced by the great authors such as the Fe, Maria Koskiniemi, Michal Jasiewicz, Vincent Jeannerot. I i my inspiration from the beauty of nature that already seems to be a work of art itself. No matter what the subject is, it can be a landscape, a flower or an animal, in any way I try to convey a kind of harmony between the outside world and myself through the images I create. I like to imagine and experiment, but maintaining the connection with realism.

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